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Why don’t kids go to school in Haiti?

Education in Haiti is important yet elusive. Education is not free. Almost all schools are private and charge a tuition and require student's to purchase books and uniforms. Many families are forced to choose between feeding their children or sending... Continue Reading →

Vision Trip Video Oct 28 – Nov 4, 2016

Check out this video slide show of our awesome trip in 2016!  

Vizyon on a Hill (Damier)

Some fun pics

Vision Church, Pétionville


I worked very hard to learn as much Haitian Creole as I could before the trip. I have to admit it paid off in spades. While visiting with Betanide and her family sitting in her little shack we were asking... Continue Reading →

Some Christmas gifts for the children

I sent some trucks and a Scooby Doo coloring book. These guys are amazing...

Something like “Bertenide”

Thursday we visited a family who lives about a 45 minute drive outside of Port-au-Prince. The mother’s name was something like Bertenide. She has been twice widowed and now supports a family of 4 children and a cousin. They live in... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Matthew Relief Day Trip

Our fall trip for 2016 came about two weeks after Hurricane Matthew wreaked its havoc in Southwestern Haiti. Pastor Rosie made a trip out west the week before we arrived to assess damage and see where we could be of... Continue Reading →

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