Steve & Megan’s Pre-Trip Letter

September 10, 2016

Bonjou Friends and Family!

While visiting with our good friends Jay and Amy down south last June, Jay felt God was putting it on his heart to invite us somewhere very dear to his heart. He asked our family if we would be interested in going to Haiti with him in October. Jay has been going to Haiti twice a year since the big earthquake in 2010 and is charged with passion about his calling there. At first we dismissed the idea since the trip would be during my busiest work season and Megan would be in school. But a few weeks later Megan asked me if I would go with her to Haiti with Jay. After prayerfully considering the obstacles to overcome, it slowly became clear to me that the path was open for us to go. The following is Megan’s point of view:

I am so overjoyed to be given this opportunity to go to Haiti and spread the love of God in just a few short months! Going on a mission trip is something God has put on my heart for a long time now, and there was no question in deciding whether or not to go. Despite the stress and responsibilities of senior year, I realized that my struggles were so small in comparison to that of the people in Haiti. Hearing Jay’s stories of his previous mission trips in Haiti gave me great insight as to how Jay has so miraculously transformed lives in Haiti, and how Haiti has transformed his own life as well. School could wait. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity of a lifetime.

My dad and I will stay at the base camp of Jay’s Foursquare denomination based in Port-Au-Prince. Our focus includes:

  • Visiting Orphanages — Praying for babies, children and workers. Being a blessing to them and serving however needed. Singing worship songs, showing love and playing with these little ones who so desperately need attention.
  • Street Evangelizing — Worshipping through music and giving a life saving message of Jesus thru an interpreter. Praying for healing and for salvation.
  • Bringing assistance to a hurricane damaged area out west.

The trip is scheduled for Oct 28 – Nov 4, 2016. Our financial need for the trip is about $1,600 each. This includes travel, room and board, security, translators and any additional immunizations or medication required. Extra funds that come in will be put towards blessing relief projects, church building and orphanage needs overseen by the Foursquare Church in Haiti.

We are so excited to be used by God to do his work! Would you please pray for us and also consider supporting us financially? Thanks for your support and we look forward to sharing stories and photos when we return!

Bondye beni ou (God bless you),
Steve & Megan Brainard

Published by Steve B

I'm enjoying learning more about serving the people of Haiti.

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