Why don’t kids go to school in Haiti?

Education in Haiti is important yet elusive. Education is not free. Almost all schools are private and charge a tuition and require student’s to purchase books and uniforms. Many families are forced to choose between feeding their children or sending them to school. There are many articles about this on the internet. Here are a coupleContinue reading “Why don’t kids go to school in Haiti?”

Vizyon on a Hill (Damier)

Thursday night we drove up to the third church Jay helped to establish. It sits high upon a rolling hill watching over at least 100 miles of shoreline getting gently caressed by the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. We got there just in time for a spectacular sunset with clouds painted deep orange,Continue reading “Vizyon on a Hill (Damier)”

Hurricane Matthew Relief Day Trip

Our fall trip for 2016 came about two weeks after Hurricane Matthew wreaked its havoc in Southwestern Haiti. Pastor Rosie made a trip out west the week before we arrived to assess damage and see where we could be of help. Tuesday after our arrival, we loaded up a bus with about 35 of theContinue reading “Hurricane Matthew Relief Day Trip”

Steve & Megan’s Pre-Trip Letter

September 10, 2016 Bonjou Friends and Family! While visiting with our good friends Jay and Amy down south last June, Jay felt God was putting it on his heart to invite us somewhere very dear to his heart. He asked our family if we would be interested in going to Haiti with him in October.Continue reading “Steve & Megan’s Pre-Trip Letter”