Vizyon on a Hill (Damier)

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Thursday night we drove up to the third church Jay helped to establish. It sits high upon a rolling hill watching over at least 100 miles of shoreline getting gently caressed by the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. We got there just in time for a spectacular sunset with clouds painted deep orange, purple and pink.

In any other setting the church itself would be an insignificant eyesore – it’s nothing but a few sticks of wood supporting walls of cloth and a blue tarp roof. But it’s only two weeks old and in that time has grown from 10 to 24 worshipers. And the community around it is growing. As more families build small homes and move in the church will grow too. Pastor Rosie hopes to buy the land he is leasing now (about one-fifth of an acre) and eventually replace the temporary structure with a larger, more permanent building. The price for the land? A mere $3,000 to own it outright, ocean view and all. Not everything in Haiti is cheap but this is a true bargain. Jay is in the process of raising the funds.

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I'm enjoying learning more about serving the people of Haiti.

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