Vision School

The School at Vision Church, Duclos

The school is on a neighboring property to the church in Duclos. The school consists of grades 1 – 6 and four teachers, with two grades being a split 2/3 and 4/5 class. Children are taught in Creole, provided materials (pen, pencil, paper, and notebook). And fed a decent meal 3 days each week (for some, their only significant meal of the day or week). Unlike public schools they have the opportunity to learn more about Christ and grow in their knowledge of Him. Also the are taught math, grammar, history and English. 

Some families in the community are able to afford to send at least one child to school, while the vast majority cannot. This is where we can help the pastor to absorb those costs and give the children the gift of learning. Each family is responsible for buying the students uniform, which is made at a very affordable cost by our sewing school on the school grounds. Ongoing support and donations are always needed and welcomed. School costs consists of:

  • Student tuition, books, supplies
  • Teachers’ pay
  • Curriculum
  • Classroom materials (chalk, chalkboards, pencils, notebooks, etc.)
  • Facilities upkeep (cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and workers)