Thursday we visited a family who lives about a 45 minute drive outside of Port-au-Prince. The mother’s name was something like Bertenide. She has been twice widowed and now supports a family of 4 children and a cousin. They live in a shanty “house” no bigger than our kid’s bedroom. It’s loosely divided into a single bedroom and a tiny kitchen area. Jay met her I think a year and a half ago when he was visiting the memorial for the earthquake victims (under which is a mass grave with maybe 150,000 people, but that’s another story) that is fairly close to her house. Children in Haiti don’t go to school unless their parents can afford to pay for it. So at that time Jay and another guy he was with decided to sponsor the kids so they could all go to school and they have been doing so ever since. On this trip he also brought a suitcase full of school supplies for the kids that should last all year. Before we left we prayed for their family and I left Bertenide a small amount of money (by our standards) to help her buy more personal hygiene products that she sells to her neighbors to make a little money.