Past Trips

Some highlights from past trips…

May 2018

Jay, Bill, Mike, Ryan and Steve had a fantastic trip and all made it back safe and healthy. Here are some highlights:

  • Visited two of the orphanages we support
  • Saw Bertenide and her family — brought gifts to help her out.
  • Street ministry & feeding hungry/homeless downtown
  • Visited three Vision churches on Sunday. Bill and Steve got to meet the children they sponsor.
  • Visited Vision School — currently with four teachers/grades
  • Wild moto / hiking trip (video) to what will be fourth Vision church in remote mountain area. Will have land surveyed and buy property in coming months.
  • Bought bass and amp for church in Duclos (Cabaret)
  • Discussed possibility of starting a business to help support church and families (maybe a chicken farm or moto taxi business).
  • Met with Troy Livesay from Heartline Ministries to share ideas and get advice

May 2017

We acquired our first piece of land in Haiti! It’s where the Tabarre (Damier) church currently sits. We hired surveyor to survey land and had it notarized and registered with the government. So the land now officially belongs to Vision Church, Haiti!  The name “Vision Church” was approved by the government and recognized as formal church movement.

We are also close to having the required funds to begin the process of purchasing a second piece of land upon which our Tabarre (Duclos) church was built.

We were/are in prayer about fourth church plant in city of Canaan, which is on the outskirts of PAP near Titanyen. We began to evangelize area and found some land where we believe the church could be established.

October 2016Hurricane Matthew Relief

Our fall trip for 2016 came about two weeks after Hurricane Matthew wreaked its havoc in Southwestern Haiti. Pastor Rosie made a trip out west the week before we arrived to assess damage and see where we could be of help. Read more here…

Other highlights:

  • Pastor Gefrard’s graduated from seminary! We paid for his graduation ceremony and diploma and had a big celebration at the church in Petionville.
  • Bought 10 goats for families in the church in Diklo to raise to generate self-sufficiency as well as generating income for the church to continue building and planting. Goats are sold for meat after they have a litter. How much does a goat cost in Haiti? The price ranges from $50 – $125.
  • Purchased 10 full bibles, 32 new testaments with psalms and 2 study guides for pastors
  • Bought car battery; alternator; wiper blades, repaired tire for pastor Rosinel’s car (he is primary driver and interpreter for all trips).
  • Visited Bertinede. Her children are constantly hungry and have a hard time concentrating in school. We learned that much of her meager income goes to paying for her kids to take a tap-tap to school. We donated some money to help feed the family and pay for the “school bus” rides.
  • Officially sponsored 5 more student’s education
  • Got pictures and bios of 5 more students in need of sponsorship

Past Trip Video Slide Shows