Huge Trip Impact on Mike & Denelle 

By Mike Williams:

When you step off the plane and out of the airport, the air and heat hits you and you realize, “I’m not in California anymore.” We drove to base camp then to the 1st Vision church for evening service and pot luck (beans & rice). I’m standing in the background watching, amazed as people in another part of the world are worshiping God with the same passion and desire that I do. As the the sun went down and the rain started, it didn’t not stop Vision Church Haiti from continuing to sing and dance to the Glory of God. No lights to see and no walls to stop the rain from soaking men women and children sitting under an aluminum siding and vinyl tarp roof with Palm branches for shingles. From this moment forward, I was forever changed knowing even though I have not done a single thing but say hello to a few people so far, God had me exactly where I was supposed to be. Encouraging his people! Both those who already found him and those who were still out there in the dark. Hopeless and lost without the Love of God that we would eventually bring to them over the next 7 days.

As I write this, I think back on the many innocent kids in the orphanage that deserve more out of life. As I look around my home, I realize more and more someone is missing. God has made room in our home and our hearts to love a child just like them. Since my wife returned from her trip to Haiti and her similar experience, we have begun the process of adoption (locally in the US) so at least one less child will feel like no one wants them.

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”  (English Standard Version)

Published by Steve B

I'm enjoying learning more about serving the people of Haiti.

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